racheals story

17. september 2009

 racheal is twenty years old, and she got married very early. She was married when she was 17 years old, with a big mean on 30 years. He had alcoholproblems, and he used to beat Racheal and throw her son around. Ryan is Raceals son and he is two years old. The father was her boyfriend at school. Lived together one year. He had a alcoholproblem so he didnt care, he was in his own world. Racheal ran away back to her father, he was happy to see her again. The father does not have enough money, the group was helping so she might could get college, job and money.  Want to be a hairdresser, and now she get to do that. Sad and interesting story, she wrote a «søknad», forsørge sønnen. Want to open salloon for herself. dont want to get married now. Dont want the life she had for her son.

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